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ASKASAir Superiority Knowledge Assessment System (US DoD)
ASKASAging Sexuality Knowledge and Attitudes Scale
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The promise of the ASKA technology and its broad utility for kinase drug discovery is already being realized in our own drug discovery programs at CGI, where we have utilized the in vivo ASKA model to validate a key kinase target, confirm its safety, and identify a robust pharmacodynamic marker for benchmarking the efficacy of our promising lead candidates.
Kinases are an important family of targets in Serono's small molecule drug discovery programs and we look forward to working with CGI's' ASKA technology to study kinase targets for our chosen disease areas.
CGI) is a privately held drug discovery and development company that has pioneered a unique, highly integrated chemical genetics platform (Analog Sensitive Kinase Allele, or ASKA, technology) to discover and develop kinase inhibitors for multiple clinical indications.
In June of 2003, Cellular Genomics announced an important breakthrough with the successful development of a unique ASKA Mouse Drug Discovery Model.
Under the terms of the agreement, CGI will use its ASKA technology to generate modified kinases for Lilly.
In June of 2003, CGI announced an important breakthrough with the successful development of a unique ASKA Mouse Drug Discovery Model.
In an important advance, CGI has now shown that mice expressing the ASKA version of an angiogenesis/cancer kinase fully rescue the lethal phenotype associated with the gene knockout of this kinase.
ASKA mice are created by replacing the normal kinase in the genome with a fully functional ASKA.
As our kinase drug discovery programs have generated potent, selective lead compounds for these major clinical indications, concurrent studies utilizing our ASKA mice will provide us with a significant advantage as we advance our compounds toward the clinic.
ASKA mice represent unique preclinical disease models for investigating the role of kinase targets across a wide spectrum of clinical indications, and provide a new gold standard for kinase target validation, dose response analysis, and therapeutic index determination.
CGI believes that ASKA mice have significant advantages over gene knockout mice, a widely used model for validation of drug targets.