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In June of 2003, Cellular Genomics announced an important breakthrough with the successful development of a unique ASKA Mouse Drug Discovery Model.
Kannavia, Milikouri, Ayia Irini, Moutoulas, Farmakas, Alona, Polystippos, Askas, Fterikoudi, Apliki, Gouri, Lazania, Macheras, Kionia, Platanistasa
Roads for Apliki, Polistipos, Alona and Askas villages are also closed.
The Ayias Koronis -- Farmakas -- Palechori, Palechori--Agros, Askas -- Fterikoudi, Alonas--Polystypos--Platanistassa, Lagoudera--Farmakas, Kakopetria--Karvouna roads were deemed to be dangerous with only hose cars having chains or four-wheel drive advised to travel on them.