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ASLAbove Sea Level
ASLAge/Sex/Location? (chat)
ASLAmerican Sign Language
ASLAzienda Sanitaria Locale
ASLAssociation for Symbolic Logic
ASLAdvanced Squad Leader (Multi-Man Publishing magazine)
ASLAdvanced Squad Leader (board game)
ASLAmerican Soccer League
ASLArterial Spin Labeling (medical imaging method)
ASLApache Software License (Apache Software Foundation)
ASLAutomatic Sound Levelizer
ASLAutonomous Systems Lab
ASLApplication Services Library
ASLAppalachian School of Law
ASLAstaro Security Linux
ASLArt Students League
ASLA Static Lullaby (band)
ASLAuto Service Leasing
ASLauthorized stockage list (Army)
ASLACPI Source Language
ASLApplied Science Laboratories
ASLApproved Supplier List
ASLAirway Surface Liquid (physiology)
ASLAssociation Sports et Loisirs (French: Sports & Recreation Association)
ASLAnti-Saloon League (1893-1933; Ohio)
ASLAustralian Society for Limnology
ASLAdaptive Switch Laboratories, Inc.
ASLAccount Spending Limit (Sprint)
ASLAlbuquerque Seismological Laboratory
ASLAssociation pour la Sauvegarde du Léman
ASLAtmospheric Surface Layer
ASLAssociations Syndicales Libres
ASLAssistant Scout Leader
ASLAuthorized Stock(age) List
ASLAnton Szandor LaVey (High Priest of the Church of Satan)
ASLAdaptive Speed Leveling (US Robotics)
ASLAssociation des Sciences du Langage (French: Association of Language Sciences)
ASLAfter School Learning
ASLAssistant Secretary for Legislation
ASLAircraft Services Lemwerder GmbH
ASLArctic Submarine Laboratory (NOSC)
ASLArray Support Library
ASLAssembler Source Language
ASLAiken-Augusta Swim League
ASLAction Specification Language
ASLAggregate Stop Loss (Insurance industry term)
ASLAmerican Scientific Lighting
ASLAverage Staffing Levels
ASLAtmospheric Sciences Laboratory
ASLAssociation du Syndrome de Lowe
ASLAssociation Strümpell-Lorrain
ASLApproved Source List
ASLAmerican School of London
ASLAlbuquerque Soccer League
ASLAsk Sponsored Listing (online advertising)
ASLApplying the Science of Learning
ASLActive Speech Level
ASLAction Semantics Language (extension of UML which allows executable models)
ASLAeronautical Systems Laboratory
ASLAmerican Strength Legends
ASLAda Structured Library
ASLAbout Spanish Language
ASLAllowable Supply List
ASLApplication-Specific Language
ASLAdapter Scripting Language (programming)
ASLAccounting Solutions Limited
ASLAudiophile Systems Ltd
ASLArt and Science Laboratory
ASLAnarchist Soccer League
ASLarchipelagic sea lane (US DoD)
ASLAnderson Strickler, LLC
ASLAstro Space Locator (software)
ASLAnalyser Sales Ltd
ASLAutomated Securities Lending
ASLAeronautical Structures Laboratory
ASLAssigned Stockage List
ASLAdvanced Simulation Laboratory
ASLAquitaine Services Logistique (France)
ASLAnalytical Service Laboratory (International Rice Research Institute; Philippines)
ASLAuthorised Signatory List
ASLApproval Services Laboratory
ASLAntenna Software Ltd
ASLAmador Stage Lines, Inc.
ASLAlternate Storage Location
ASLAllery Scotts Ltd
ASLAffordable Sound and Light
ASLAdvanced Software Logic, Inc.
ASLAcquisition Summary Listing
ASLAdventure Seekers Ltd
ASLAustralasian Suomalaisten Liitto
ASLArmor School Library (Ft Knox, KY, USA)
ASLAmorphous Silicon Laboratory
ASLAlarm Systems Limited
ASLAdvanced Solutions Limited
ASLassign switch locator (SL) routing (US DoD)
ASLAtomic Space Lab (cartoon)
ASLAlpha Systems Laboratories
ASLAmiga Standard Library (UI development)
ASLAnalytical Chemistry and Nanosciences Short Lectures
ASLAppropriation Summary Ledger
ASLArchitecture Simulation Laboratory
ASLAvionics System LAN
ASLAzimuth Steering Line (US Air Force; fighter plane guide)
ASLAsia Supreme Life
ASLAmwell Services Ltd
ASLActive Service List (computer networking)
ASLAutobacs Sportscar Laboratory, Co, Ltd
ASLAutonomous Script Language
ASLAssigned Stockage Level
ASLAviation Support and Logistics
ASLAgencement Sonorisation Lumière (French lighting company)
ASLAnti-Secession Law (China)
ASLAdvanced Science Letters (journal)
ASLAverage Service Life (depreciation)
ASLApplied Superconductor Ltd . (UK)
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It added, "As the European market develops, the BAe146 aircraft of ASL Spain do not meet the range or capacity requirements of the emerging market ASL is configuring its European freighter fleet to serve the current and future needs of the groups customers.
In simple terms, the ASL is present because of the large number of depressions in the South Pacific sector of the SO that have either moved south from midlatitudes or developed in the highly baroclinic zone of the circumpolar trough around Antarctica (Fig.
ASL is grammatically organized according to principles found in all other human languages, but exhibits independent patterns of organization based on vision.
As you learn and understand more, there's a moment you cherish: When you are watching a conversation in ASL, and you finally understand.
With Farnair, ASL has gained greater access to cargo markets in South Asia.
Finally, ASL for America would like to encourage the White House to take the lead in destigmatizing ASL by doing at least the following:
When the scientists raised the pH of the ASL in CF pigs through inhalation of a solution of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), the treated ASL was capable of killing most of the bacteria on the grid (just like ASL from normal airways).
Axial ASL and DSC echo plannar imaging (EPI) PWI had 19 slices, 5mm thickness with an interslice gap of 1 mm and an imaging matrix 128x128.
ASL claims ADACH has pledged to make further payments in December "against agreed invoices raised".
The team uses the Enhanced Dollar Cost Banding (EDCB) process, which can factor in unit deployments or even build an ASL from scratch for units that have limited demand information.
An interpreter has to use his or her judgment on how to translate these concepts in ASL.