ASLBAtomic Safety and Licensing Board
ASLBAccelerated Server Load Balancing
ASLBArithmetic Shift Left B
ASLBAmphetamine-Stimulated Locomotor Behavior (pharmacology)
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As this and other testimony attests, the heterogeneous public gathered largely in opposition to the Dewey-Burdock project had knowledge about many of the geologic features of the region and thus contested the expertise of Powertech-Azarga and the ASLB.
Indeed, it is telling that although the ASLB would later require Powertech/Azarga to locate and plug boreholes, the Dewey-Burdock project was further delayed not by the testimony about the migration of toxic materials, but instead by the procedural argument for proper
Likewise, the ASLB appropriately recognized that Congress had left no room for the DOE to rely on raw politics.
145) But instead, the NRC directed the ASLB to suspend the entire licensing proceeding because of a predicted lack of funding.
Progress Energy Florida and the NRC staff deny the allegations, the ASLB noted.
The meetings will permit limited appearance statements by members of the public (who are not formal parties to the legal challenge) to comment on the proposed project, to assist the ASLB in considering the legal challenge.
In the previous two decisions involving groundwater protection, restoration, surety estimates and cultural resources, ASLB similarly ruled in favor of the Company and upheld its NRC license, concluding, among other things, that HRI has demonstrated by a preponderance of the evidence that the Intervenors' challenges relating to groundwater protection, groundwater restoration and surety estimates do not provide a basis for invalidating HRI's license to perform ISL uranium mining at Section 17, Crownpoint and Unit 1.
In addition, the ASLB will accept "limited appearance" written statements from the public on the hearing.
The ASLB administrative law judge and his special technical assistants reviewed each of these ten areas of concern and rejected the intervenors request for license revocation on each of the counts individually, as separate partial decisions.
Documents pertaining to the ASLB proceeding are available in the agency's electronic hearing docket at: http ://ehd 1.
In the case of the Ashland 2 materials, the State of Utah ("State") filed such a challenge to IUC's amendment with the ASLB.
The ASLB is the independent body within the NRC that presides over proceedings involving the licensing of civilian nuclear facilities, such as nuclear power plants.