ASLBAtomic Safety and Licensing Board
ASLBAccelerated Server Load Balancing
ASLBArithmetic Shift Left B
ASLBAmphetamine-Stimulated Locomotor Behavior (pharmacology)
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NIRS brought the foreign ownership issue as a contention to the ASLB in November 2008, along with partner intervenors Public Citizen, Beyond Nuclear and Southern Maryland CARES.
Said the ASLB, "For the aforementioned reasons, the Board grants summary disposition in favor of Joint Intervenors as to Contention 1 and finds Applicants currently ineligible to apply for or obtain a license.
Importantly, the letter documents the federally listed species in the area and expresses concerns about potential impacts - critical issues which TSEP had specifically raised in its contentions before the ASLB.
The ASLB ruled that Exelon, the nation's largest nuclear operator, may not have provided sufficient geological data regarding growth faults in the area of the proposed plant, and they may have underestimated the risk of surface deformation.
In the previous two decisions involving groundwater protection, restoration, surety estimates and cultural resources, ASLB similarly ruled in favor of the Company and upheld its NRC license, concluding, among other things, that HRI has demonstrated by a preponderance of the evidence that the Intervenors' challenges relating to groundwater protection, groundwater restoration and surety estimates do not provide a basis for invalidating HRI's license to perform ISL uranium mining at Section 17, Crownpoint and Unit 1.
The ASLB administrative law judge and his special technical assistants reviewed each of these ten areas of concern and rejected the intervenors request for license revocation on each of the counts individually, as separate partial decisions.
The ASLB kept our licensing process on schedule and their ruling validates the quality of our license application, and their staff's review process," Ferland stated.
The ASLB recommendation will be reviewed by the NRC Commissioners.
Several of New Mexico Environment Department (NMED) and the Attorney General's contentions were accepted by the ASLB, an action we have supported.
The ASLB held a Pre-hearing Conference in Hobbs, New Mexico today.
The ASLB had ruled specifically that Orange County's proposed storage accident scenario was so "remote and speculative" that it did not merit additional review.
The ASLB based its order on the hearing schedule set forth by the NRC in a 2004 ruling, which anticipates that the board will issue its initial decision within 240 days of the issuance of the final Safety Evaluation Report (SER) for a licensee's application.