ASLCAlaska Sealife Center
ASLCAll Saints Lutheran Church (various locations)
ASLCAlaska Student Loan Corporation
ASLCAssociated Students of Lewis & Clark College
ASLCAccruing Superannuation Liability Contributions
ASLCAcute Self-Limiting Colitis
ASLCAdaptive Side-Lobe Cancellation
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In a statement, Comair said its view and that of its external legal advisors was that the ASLC had not commenced suspension proceedings in accordance with the Act.
Comair said, The company has requested the ASLC to agree that it has not commenced suspension proceedings in accordance with the Act, and has requested the ASLC to agree not to take any further action against the Company pending the outcome of a review of the ASLCs decisions.
Hence, the diagnosis of ASLC on such biopsies can have a profound effect on patient management.
The most reliable histologic criteria for distinguishing ASLC from acute-onset UC are the preservation of crypt architecture and the lack of plasmacytosis in the lamina propria in ASLC (4,5) (Figure 3, A and B).
In 2004, ten egg masses were fertilized and all were incubated successfully at the ASLC.
In the exhibit tank at the ASLC, a non-nesting male displaced a territorial nest-guarding male and adopted the egg masses already present on the nest.
For non-profit corporations, such as ASLC, a state agency, which was created in 1987 under Alaska state law, SAP rates were reduced 0.
Although the bonds issued by ASLC consist primarily of auction rate bonds, the excess spread generated by the loan portfolio has provided sufficient revenue to not only cover the additional cost of funds due to auction rate market volatility, but also provide revenue to increase the trust's total parity to 114% and senior parity to 118%, excluding defaults.
The senior series 2007A bond issuance proceeds will be used to refund certain education loan bonds previously issued by ASLC, fund the capital reserve fund, finance approximately $80.
To provide collateral for the series A bonds, the trust will receive $90 million of AlaskaAdvantage Student Loan Program (AASLP) private student loan collateral (including accrued interest) via a transfer of loans from a seperate trust established by ASLC under a 1988 trust indenture.
announced today that it had closed the acquisition of ASLC.
LTC stated that it has entered into this MOU with EHSI and AAI to modify and extend the leases of the 37 assisted living properties owned by LTC and under leases with ASLC.