ASLEAssociation for the Study of Literature and Environment
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These include scholarly communities such as the above referred to ASLE Taiwan, ASLE associations based in East Asia, and the organizers of the recently established "cross-strait" conferences between Chinese and Taiwanese ecocritics.
Canada, despite lacking a long ASLE history, has been especially prolific in the area of a clearly feminist ecocriticism, with women such as Pamela Banting, Catriona Sandilands, and Diana Relke perhaps its best representatives.
This emergent discipline was founded in the early 1990's with the establishment of ASLE (the Association for the Study of Literature and Environment) and the publication of such ecocritical anthologies as The Ecocriticism Reader: Landmarks in Literary Ecology, edited by Cheryll Glotfelty and Harold Fromm.
For a comprehensive bibliography of works in the field, I recommend the ASLE Bibliography, which can be searched online at http://www.
The acquisition of the ASLE shares by PT Multimedia is subject to the approval of the Portuguese commerce and competition authority.
Theorizing about ecophobia is now flourishing in the rich soils of ecocriticism--if the appearance of the term on four separate panels of the 2013 ASLE Conference program is any indication.
The presence of theorists addressing both the question of activism in ecocriticism and matters of ecophobia at the ASLE 2013 conference suggests some things, perhaps the most significant of which is that we are beyond the days when people who insist on the importance of recognizing the activist roots of ecocriticism are accused of "hectoring"--a word used by Greg Garrard just a few years ago.
1) as well as from the plethora of other approaches presented at ASLE and ecology conferences.
Erb, Audrey (2003) "A Survey of ASLE Members' Current Teaching Practices: Implications and Questions.