ASLETAmerican Society of Law Enforcement Trainers
ASLETAdjusted Single Load Exercise Test (cardiology)
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host for this year's ASLET conference, a huge number of the city's officers--almost half the ones we saw in uniform on patrol and virtually all of the SWAT operators we saw on the range--were wearing cocked-and-locked 1911 .
Recently, I came across my class notes of Ayoob's ASLET conference course.
At the same ASLET conference, giving a talk on the FBI/Miami shooting in 1986, Dr.
A number of the Anchorage cops at ASLET had customized Glocks in their duty holsters.
He is a member of ASLET, IALEFI, IACSP and is past president of the Ohio Tactical Officer's Association.
This was a great additional learning experience and reminded me very much of our ASLET motto, "Those who teach, learn.