ASLSAssociation for Scottish Literary Studies
ASLSAdvanced Stroke Life Support
ASLSAcademic and Special Libraries Section (est. 1954; formerly College and University Libraries Section; New York Library Association; Albany, NY)
ASLSAmerican Society of Liposuction Surgery
ASLSAXA Sun Life Services (UK)
ASLSAmerican Sign Language Society
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Almost fully developed, the ASLS could rapidly enter production should a customer materialise.
Caption: One of the intermediate versions of Rheinmetalts ASLS shotgun location system (top), as seen at IDEX 2013.
ASLS is also a leading provider of interpreting services in Puerto Rico through its sister company, ASLS Latino.
Hands On VRS is a great partner for ASLS because they are as focused on delivering high quality VRS services, as they are in supporting the Deaf, Hearing and interpreting communities in which they operate," said Angela Roth, president of ASLS.
The ASLS Program has three components: Structural Assessment of Fatigue Effects (SAFE) Program, Structural Life Assessment Program (SLAP), and Service Life Extension Program (SLEP).
The NAVAIR structures division under the NAVAIR air vehicle department supports the PMAs in structural-life management of their aircraft and carries out the ASLS Program.
11) The geographic collocation of these structural-life management authorities and the centralized ASLS Program promote information sharing and cross-fertilization across different program offices with respect to structures.
After the fleet has been in service for a period of time or if the usage of the aircraft has significantly changed from the original design, the ASLS Program evaluates the current structural condition and verifies the remaining fatigue life of the fleet under the SLAP.