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ASLVAvian Sarcoma and Leukosis Virus (virology)
ASLVArea of Special Landscape Value (UK)
ASLVAugmented Satellite Launching Vehicle
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Garden area at TERLS-Sector I (Service & Project complex, STF, SLV, RMCF, SMP, Rocket assembly, SMG, High enthalpy, MK III, BMP, HSP, ASLV, JCM office, MSSG, RSTD, ATV projects etc) for a period of one year from August 2015
8- metre ASLV was designed to place satellites of up to 150 kg into 400- km circular orbits.
An augmented version of SLV called ASLV was launched successfully in 1992 after two failed launches in 1987 and 1988.