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ASMEAmerican Society of Mechanical Engineers
ASMEAmerican Society of Magazine Editors
ASMEAssociation for the Study of Medical Education
ASMEAustralian Society for Music Education (Inc.)
ASMEAdvanced SCSI Programming Interface
ASMEAmerican Support Material and Equipment
ASMEAccess Security Management Entity
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The Chicagoland Apartment Association (CAA) estimates that elevator retrofit requirements contained within ASME A17.
The final round of the competition will take place at the 2009 ASME International Design Engineering Technical Conference in San Diego, California from August 30 to September 2, 2009.
ASME said the research team expects to unveil an improved design of its microbial fuel cell in "one to three years.
Additionally, the ASME standard includes hand signals for use by employees on the ground to communicate with the scrap handler operator.
To comply with ASME BPE standards every weld and component is individually engraved for identification, and the assemblies are supplied with full data manuals.
The Digital Store offers electronic downloads of ASME codes and standards in categories such as Dimensioning and Tolerancing, Tools, Fasteners, Flow Measurement, Pumps, Turbines and Piping.
The ASME "Mothers of Invention" page features six women who have made engineering contributions since 1715.
Ellen Levine, Good Housekeepings editor-in-chief and president of ASME, says minority recruitment is on her personal agenda.
The ASME research study also revealed that over the next two decades:
AES has been manufacturing ASME "U" stamped pressure vessels since it got ASME certification three years ago for projects outside Aramco.
The Company has earned the ASME certification through proven achievements in maintaining high quality, according to the statement.
We received our first ASME Certificate of Authorization in 1957 and our first ASME-certified unit shipped in 1958," said AXC Vice President and General Manager Eric Clower.