ASMFCAtlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission
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The ASMFC was starting to discover what recreational fisherman and commercial fisherman already knew.
In 2010, the ASMFC estimated that the menhaden population had declined to a record low, and was nearly 90 percent smaller than it had been twenty-five years ago.
resources of the Red Knot, the ASMFC may weigh other demands for the
Still, at long last, due to the unprecedented demand from environmental and fishing groups that something be done, the ASMFC began to take notice.
The ASMFC harvest reductions first went into place in the 2013 fishing season and have continued through the 2014 fishing season.
It took a very long time and a lot of work by many, many groups, but the ASMFC did the right.
In response, Virginia politicians are threatening a bizarre countermove: seceding from the ASMFC, and thereby throwing the entire regulatory regime into disarray.
The ASMFC also voted to allocate the quota to each state based on historical catch data, and the Company expects that Virginia will preserve the reduction fisheries historic share of total reduction and bait landings.
The ASMFC coordinates management of interjurisdictional fisheries and resources within state waters and is working with NEFMC to develop complimentary management measures for state and Federal waters.
The ASMFC has long identified life history aspects and the stock status of Hickory Shad as priorities for future research (Richkus and DiNardo (1); ASMFC (11, 12, 13-11)).
Those who advocate job-killing levels of cuts claim they are acting in the name of science, but the ASMFC Menhaden Technical Committee determined that the results of the 2012 update stock assessment were not suitable to use as a reference for management decisions.
In April of 2011, the ASMFC conducted a bluefish aging workshop with biologists from Maine to Florida.