ASMGAdvanced Systems Management Group (Ottawa, ON, Canada)
ASMGAnesthesia Service Medical Group, Inc.
ASMGAutomated State Model Generator (computer science)
ASMGAscent Strategic Management Group, Pvt. Ltd. (Pune, India)
ASMGAllied Security Military General
ASMGAutologous Skeletal Muscle Grafts (reconstructive surgery)
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See MCBcTn, ASMG, FK, Rusconi letter to the Ministry, no.
27) MCBcTn, ASMG, FK, Letter to the Ministry of Rusconi, no.
Hosted by the Communications Regulatory Authority (CRA), the ASMG meeting aims to study the draft report of the preparatory conference which was recently issued by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU).
ASMG chairman Tariq al-Awadhi, Qatar National Spectrum Steering Committee chairman Saleh al-Kuwari and League of Arab States (LAS) representative Reham el-Mayet led the opening yesterday by delivering their speeches.
The ASMG meeting in Doha also includes coordination sub-meetings with a number of other regional groups in a bid to exchange views and understand their positions on the conference agenda items before the official participation in the conference.
The 20th ASMG regional preparatory meeting for WRC-15 will take place in Rabat, Morocco, 22-27 August 2015.
For more information on what ASMG can do for your properties, visit www.
We are very confident in our decision of hiring ASMG to manage our properties.
ASRM and ASMG manage and lease all properties owned by American Spectrum Realty, Inc.
We're in our second year with Active Elite and last year's results show how effective a brand can be when it 'participates with' instead of 'messaging at' its buying demographic," explained Bernie Freeman, vice president of The Active Network, parent company of ASMG.
com), the most widely used recreation management software and Web technologies for all levels of park and recreation facilities, colleges and military installations; and ASMG, a full-service sports marketing agency that provides the most effective channel for businesses to reach athletes at the grassroots level.