ASNEAmerican Society of Newspaper Editors
ASNEAmerican Society of Naval Engineers
ASNEAuthorized Services of New England (Marlborough, MA)
ASNEAir and Space Natural Environment
ASNEAging Services Network of Euclid (Euclid, OH)
ASNEAssociation Sport Nature Education (France)
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Moving forward, in this role Hayt said she will focus on developing strategies that serve ASNE members, and explore opportunities to join other organizations that support the ASNE's mission to promote public awareness and maintain democracy.
To her credit, the author does a complete job of reviewing the status of the ASNE in terms of the background of those who addressed the group over time, including every U.
When the ASNE census began, one of every 25 employees in newspaper newsrooms was a journalist of color, compared to one of every five U.
Percent Supervisors 332 20% 89 31% Copy/Layout Editors 359 21% 48 17% Reporters 735 43% 122 43% Photographers 266 16% 25 9% Totals 1,692 284 Source: ASNE, 2008 Numbers and Percentage of Men and Women by Job Category, 2008 Total Men Women Work Force No.
In 2004, the ASNE survey showed that of the approximately 54,200 professionals working in newsrooms, some 13 percent are minorities.
Bonfils had an odious conflict-of-interest which became obvious with the scandals of the Harding Administration, ASNE moved to censure or suspend Bonfils in 1926, only to back off on the advice of attorneys who questioned the organization's authority in such matters.
Since ASNE began its initiative in 1978, minority employment has only increased 5.
Emergency power generators that rely on diesel fuel are at constant risk of unexpected failure when the fuel is allowed to degrade and contamination occurs," explains Michael Kingsley, President of ASNE.
8-11 convention in DC on the ASNE site, and pre-register there.
The statistics ASNE reported were drawn from its annual census, which for years has served as a yardstick for measuring the success of the organization's goal of having the percentage of minorities working in newsrooms nationwide equal to the percentage of minorities in the nation's population by 2025.
Also receiving recognition from ASNE are Liz Chandler, NF '03, who was part of The Charlotte (N.