ASNOAustralian Safeguards and Non-Proliferation Office
ASNOAutism Society of Northwest Ohio (Toledo, OH)
ASNOAsian Society for Neuro-Oncology (various locations)
ASNOSemi-automated Assignment of NOEs
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ASNO apparently doubts whether any of the uranium in military weapons had been through a reactor; no such doubts affected the United Nations Environmental Protection team reporting (page 21) on its field assessment mission in Kosovo.
PS Readers can judge for themselves how appropriately ASNO chooses its style of letter-writing, but one phrase needs comment: `If Mr Roberts knew anything about the nuclear fuel cycle'.
Celestina, trying to persuade Parmeno to collaborate with her and Sempronio, concludes that when it comes down to raw, physical sex "mejor [lo] fazen los asnos en el prado" (Act I, 174).