ASNPAircrew Style Name Patch (USAF Pilot, Navigator, and ABM Name Patch)
ASNPArmy Student Nurse Program
ASNPAbstract Syntax Notation Production
ASNPAssociation of Storage Network Professionals (computing)
ASNPApplication-Specific Network Processor
ASNPAnoxia-Sensitive Negative Potential (otolaryngology)
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Permission to use the PPHEN scale and ASNP in this study was obtained from the Turkish developers5,21 before conducting the study.
A significant positive correlation was found between patients' PPHEN scale and ASNP (r= 0.
Table-1: Correlation between Patients' PPHEN and ASNP (n=604).
A significant relationship was found between patients' age groups, gender, education level, place of residence, income, working status, and number of hospitalisations and the PPHEN scale and/or ASNP and its subscales (p 0.
Multiple regression showed that the combination of variables was significantly related to ASNP (F=24.
Since the ASNP which we used in this study was a scale which could be used with either patients or nurses, it was possible to investigate the attitude of patients to the nursing profession, and it was found to be very positive.
For the past three and a half years, both organizations have done their very best to meet the educational needs of storage professionals worldwide," says ASNP Executive Director Daniel Delshad.
The ISIC is also pleased to announce that ASNP sponsors Brocade and QLogic have agreed to become Founding Sponsors of StorageNetworking.
ASNP provides an open forum for members to discuss real-world problems and solutions related to storage networking.
We're honored to have the Hitachi TagmaStore(TM) Universal Storage Platform be recognized as the best Disk Subsystem product by ASNP and InfoStor magazine," said Rachel Young, vice president of global marketing, Hitachi Data Systems.
ASNP and InfoStor magazine selected winners in the following seven categories: storage management software, data protection software, backup hardware, networking equipment, compliance and retention, disk subsystem, and most innovative software.
The MVP Award Program has drawn an enthusiastic response from both the storage industry and the end-user - to be named a finalist is an honor in itself," said Daniel Delshad, ASNP Chairman.