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ASOAddress Supporting Organization
ASOAtlanta Symphony Orchestra
ASOAnd So On
ASOAdministrative Services Only
ASOAmaury Sport Organisation (France)
ASOAdministrative Services Organization
ASOAlgemeen Secundair Onderwijs (Dutch)
ASOAlabama Symphony Orchestra
ASOAnti-streptolysin O
ASOAIDS Service Organization
ASOAdelaide Symphony Orchestra
ASOAdvanced Security Option (Oracle)
ASOAutomatic Shut Off
ASOAssociation for the Study of Obesity
ASOArteriosclerosis Obliterans
ASOAlbany Symphony Orchestra (Albany, NY, USA)
ASOArkansas Symphony Orchestra
ASOAfter School Online
ASOAllele-Specific Oligonucleotides
ASOAustralian Society of Orthodontists
ASOAviation Supply Office (Navy)
ASOAviation Supply Office(r)
ASOAlton Symphony Orchestra (Godfrey, IL)
ASOAnalog Switch-Off (TV)
ASOArbitrary Slice Ordering
ASOAutomated Systems Operations
ASOAnkara Sanayi Odasi
ASOair support operations (US DoD)
ASOAnalog Shut Off
ASOAustralian Space Office
ASOAsheville Symphony Orchestra (North Carolina)
ASOAnderson Symphony Orchestra (Anderson, Indiana)
ASOAstronomical Search for Origins
ASOAcademic Services Office
ASOAurora Symphony Orchestra (Aurora, CO)
ASOAdvanced Solar Observatory
ASOAir Surveillance Officer
ASOAcoustic Sensor Operator (ASW Helicopters)
ASOAstronomía Sigma Octante
ASOAssistant Scientific Officer
ASOAutomatic Stop Order (medication)
ASOAdditional Settlement Obligation
ASOArteriosclerotic Obliterans
ASOAcadémie des Sciences Occultes (French: Academy of Occult Sciences)
ASOAntisense Oligomer
ASOAssistant Supply Officer (Royal Australian Navy)
ASOArmy Safety Office
ASOAs Subrogee Of (legal designation)
ASOArea Security Operations
ASOAmerican Society of Osseointegration
ASOAcquisition Support Organization
ASOAssociation Sportive d'Ollainville (French: Ollainville Sports Association; Ollainville, France)
ASOArea Supply Officer
ASOApparent Successful Offeror
ASOAtomic Spin Orbital
ASOAutomatic Safety Override (locomotive control system)
ASOAmerican Standards Organization
ASOAcademic Sector Operations
ASOAssistant Secretary's Office
ASOAmerican Society for Oceanography
ASOApproximate Simultaneous Orthogonal
ASOAdministration Support Office
ASOAssault Supply Officer
ASOAmmunition Supply Officer
ASOAutomotive Safety Offices (Ford)
ASOAutomatic Send Only
ASOAmerica Support Organization
ASOAnnual Service Order
ASOAdditional Services Offering
ASOAuthorized Signing Officer
ASOActing Station Officer
ASOAlternate Service Office
ASOAfghanistan Solidarity Organisation
ASOAmbler Symphony Orchestra (Ambler, PA)
ASOAnkle Stabilizing Orthosis (support brace; various companies)
ASOAugust Symphony Orchestra (Bloomfield, NJ)
ASOAccount Security Officer (various companies)
ASOAll State Orchestra (Colorado)
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But Aso, who has the power to call an election, has indicated he will first compile measures to fight the impending economic slowdown rather than call an election.
The debate on Wednesday saw Taro Aso, the prime minister and leader of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) up against Yukio Hatoyama, leader of the opposition Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ), in their first face-to-face contest since Aso called the election last month.
At the onset of the practice, aso ebi was originally meant to be a family uniform, among the Yoruba of Nigeria, to enable the guests to identify members of the family during an occasion.
President Lee expressed his support for Japan's position by telling Aso, ''North Korea should address the inhumane issue of the abduction cases,'' the Japanese official who briefed reporters on the meeting said.
Yet, Aso said, ''I believe it was not wrong'' for him to put priority on compiling measures to prop up Japan's economy than dissolving the lower house at an earlier date, which he argued would have resulted in a political vacuum amid the unprecedented recession.
Aso Savings said, The TIA was executed and submitted to CBN on December 31, 2013.
Aso came under fire both at home and abroad after he said in a speech Monday in Tokyo, "Germany's Weimar Constitution was changed before anyone knew.
Former Japanese Foreign Minister Hirofumi Nakasone is planning to accompany Aso in the meeting with the president, the sources said.
Aso had announced he will dissolve the Lower House next week and hold a snap election Aug.
Secretary General Ban Ki Moon, in talks with Aso on the sidelines of the meeting, applauded Japan's contributions to the reconstruction efforts in Iraq so far, and asked that Japan continue its deployment of Air Self-Defense Force in Kuwait to provide airlift support for U.
Embattled Prime Minister Taro Aso seems to have survived, at least for now, in a battle with Liberal Democratic Party colleagues seeking to remove him from the post of party president, but many members of the long-dominant ruling party could now lose their jobs in the general election set for Aug.
Japanese Foreign Minister Taro Aso and Defense Minister Fumio Kyuma will attend top security talks in Washington next week when they fly to the United States as part of their respective overseas trips from this weekend, Japanese officials said.