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ASOTA State of Trance (radio show)
ASOTAmerican Society of Ocular Trauma (eyes)
ASOTAssociate of Science Oregon Transfer
ASOTAntistreptolysin O Titer (blood test for antibodies to the streptococcus A bacteria)
ASOTAdvanced Special Operations Techniques (US Army)
ASOTAuerbach School of Occupational Therapy (Louisville, KY)
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Entry into FMFA 2013 presents ASOT 600: The Expedition World Tour and FMFA 2013
As the mobile social networking partner for ASOT 500, Flowd will collate all the official pictures from the events.
By working with Flowd, we're bringing ASOT 500 to every trance fan across the world, whether they're at home, online or at one of our parties.
ASOT made a household name in dance music across the world.
We're once again working with our long-time partners in India - Submerge, Sunburn and Nikhil Chinapa to bring ASOT 600 to Mumbai.
In an effort to combat the rate of household eye injuries, the Academy and ASOT today issued a new recommendation that every household in America have at least one pair of ANSI-approved1 protective eyewear to be worn when doing projects and activities at home to safeguard against eye injuries.
The recommendation from the Academy and ASOT comes as a new companion survey conducted on behalf of the Academy's EyeSmart[TM] Campaign underscores the disconnect between the reality of eye injury risks and people's perception of that risk.