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OntarioMD Selects the New ASP Version of Practice Solutions 36
The ASP model has not found many takers in higher ed so far, at least not for handling the entire suite of core enterprise applications.
When selecting an ASP provider, it's initially important to assess which business model type is best for your company and, like with any other business decision, careful research is required.
Each customer interviewed for the ITAA report planned to renew its contract with the ASP vendor.
ADP's ASP is a complete solution that includes hosting services for dealer management systems and web-based customer relationship management (CRM) applications.
ASP customers also are able to control more precisely the total cost of technology ownership through scheduled payment schemes.
ASP makes it much quicker and easier to create interactive Web sites, and allows users to easily maintain and update their Web pages.
Also featured will be a CEO panel comprising the executive leadership of some of the most successful ASPs in the market today, who will share their insights into both the challenges and opportunities facing the ASP industry.