ASPBAEAsian South Pacific Bureau of Adult Education
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Hely was assisted in carrying out his role in maintaining the ASPBAE secretariat by Dulcie Stretton, another significant adult educator of the time who played leading roles in the CAE, the AAAE and international adult education.
From 1978 the IIZ/DVV provided support for the work of ASPBAE, largely by means of the medium-term commitment of core funding.
In 1976, ASPBAE had been represented at the first ICAE (International Council of Adult Education) World Assembly in Dar es Salaam.
In 2004, ASPBAE celebrated its fortieth birthday with a revised/ updated constitution, a general assembly conducted electronically, and a festival of learning held in Indonesia.
Developed by ASPBAE and COESI in collaboration with the Papua New Guinea Education Advocacy Network (PEAN), it was designed to collect accurate and statistically significant information about educational, language, and literacy experience at the village and individual levels in selected communities in Honiara and Malaita.
This book is an account of how women leaders came to be a significant part of the governance of ASPBAE and gender a central perspective underpinning both its policies and programmes.