ASPCAssociated Students of Pomona College (Claremont, California)
ASPCArizona State Prison Complex
ASPCAmerican Shetland Pony Club
ASPCAberdeen Solicitors Property Centre (UK)
ASPCAdelaide Skilled Processing Centre (Australia)
ASPCAlgorithmic Statistical Process Control
ASPCAttached Shuttle Payload Center
ASPCAssociation of Surgeons in Primary Care (Association of Surgeons of Great Britain and Ireland and the Royal College of General Practitioners; UK)
ASPCApplication-Specific Processor Cores
ASPCAuxiliary Stored Program Command
ASPCAlliance Sport Parachute Club (Ohio)
ASPCAppleshare PC (Apple Computer Corp networking software)
ASPCAlternative Secondary Path to Certification (Arizona)
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Our international operations contributed R1 736 million to operating profit, excluding the partial impairment of our investment in ASPC of R1 974 million and translation losses of R1 015 million, relating primarily to our ASPC operations, mainly due to the depreciation of the Iranian Rial against the US dollar.
Sasol and ASPC engaged with the Iranian government in order to obtain approval to continue exporting polymer.
Currently ASPC is co-operating with E-Pang Palace and jointly investing 50 million RMB to create the large-scale live epic musical Qin, which will be the largest live epic musical in Xi'an with Qin cultural background.
Mentus also earned an Award of Distinction from the 2005 Communicator Awards for the design of the Sanmina-SCI 2004 Annual Report, as well as an Honorable Mention at the 2005 ASPC Masters Communication Awards for the SYSCO 2004 Annual Report.
ASPC Chairman Sien continued, "Joint Venture with China Film Group allows us to develop and expand the digital cinemas' related property, much as the American film industry accomplished in the 1920s and 30s.
Acre Court, cat left behind after people moved, ASPC called.
They also sustain fewer injuries during competition and practice as a result of their time at ASPC, Thornton said.
Andy Kessler and Ivory Serra attended the Toronto Film Festival to see it and then drove back to New York in tire for the attack, where Kessler had the ASPC rescue unit dispatched to extricate his dog.
Participants could either file the entire Form 1065 electronically or use the "Paper-Parent Option" method, which allowed the body of Form 1065 and related forms and schedules to be mailed to ASPC and the Schedules K-1 to be transmitted electronically.
In that correspondence, Sasol stated that its CEO, David Constable, "is not involved in any matter regarding Sasol's activities in Iran," and that while Sasol "has also taken active steps to reduce and eventually cease all of its business with Iran[,] O Divesting of Sasol's interest in ASPC has unfortunately proved to be more complicated than originally anticipated.
Developed with the input of decades of Jaguar Land Rover experience in off-road traction systems, ASPC can electronically gain traction with far less drama than a human driver can achieve.