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ASPDAttack Speed (gaming slang)
ASPDAnti-Social Personality Disorder
ASPDAltamonte Springs Police Department (Altamonte, FL, USA)
ASPDAssociation of Specialist Providers to Dentists (UK)
ASPDAssistant State Public Defender
ASPDAEGIS Ship Program Directive
ASPDAttention-Seeking Personality Disorder
ASPDAir Speef (flight planning)
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The utility of the PSAP has been documented across many studies, with demonstrated sensitivity to acute drug administration (Lane, & Cherek, 2000) and aggressive response patterns in psychiatric populations, including ASPD and substance abuse (Allen et al.
Much of the research on ASPD treatment has been concentrated on the basic question of treatment efficacy: Are there any psychosocial interventions that can reliably remediate core antisocial characteristics or reduce recidivism?
By adopting HiColor and LED backlight technologies, advantages of new ASPD technology include high colour gamut of 105% NTSC, high contrast ratio of 1500:1, and lower power consumption.
There is a clear behavioural difference amongst those diagnosed with ASPD depending on whether or not they also have psychopathy.
104) Similarly, Meloy argues that there is not yet treatment shown with controlled empirical research to be effective for ASPD, and he further notes that research studies on the efficacy of treatment for ASPD have varyingly found treatment to be either beneficial or to have a negative treatment effect, such as increasing violent behavior.
ASPD, Livro de matriculas (1870-1950); and Documentos dos anos (1870-1874).
By 1974, ASPD began to embody many of the elements of a true professional association.
As a result, most research on this condition has focused on males, and relatively little is known about ASPD in females (Cale and Lilienfeld 2002).
The prevalence of ASPD is disproportionately high in the HIV/AIDS population, with one study estimating it as high as 74%, making it important to screen for this psychiatric disorder, he said in an interview.
Among the axis II personality disorders, ASPD (and the related conduct disorder, which often occurs during childhood in people who subsequently will develop ASPD) has long been recognized to be closely associated with alcoholism (Lewis et al.
Bauer's study confirmed previous findings in that ASPD was associated with frontal brain dysfunction, in HIV-negative and HIV-positive patients on antiretroviral therapy.
For Desktop Monitor applications, the 24" wide-format Full HD panel is incorporated with ASPD (AUO Simulated Pulsed Driving) motion blur reduction technology and HiColor technology to produce high color saturation.