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ASPECAdaptive Spectral Perceptual Entropy Coding (audio data compression)
ASPECAcademy of Senior Professionals at Eckerd College
ASPECAssociation pour la Prévention et l'Etude de la Contamination (French: Association for the Study and Prevention of Contamination; est. 1971)
ASPECAdvanced Spectre Entropy Coding (MPEG)
ASPECAlzheimer Society of Prince Edward County (Canada)
ASPECAutomated Solid Phase Extraction Controller (pharmaceutical research)
ASPECAutomatic Sample Preparation with Extraction Column
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By pairing the QuEChERS cartridges with the Gilson GX-271/4 ASPEC, automated analysis of pesticides in food e.
The clear supernatant was decanted into a 10 x 75 mm disposable glass test tube, which was then transferred to the sample zone of the ASPEC XL4 and protected from exposure to natural sunlight to prevent degradation of analytes.
By using CovalX's products and services for characterizing macromolecules and protein interactions ASPEC customers will have exclusive access to this unique technology in mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan.
Combining throughput, minimal linear bench space usage plus the ability to run unattended, the GX ASPEC is the perfect choice for SPE, sample preparation and sample clean up.
Gilson's Model ASPEC XL4 is a multiprobe SPE for high-throughput LC-MS and GC-MS applications.
Plus columns are compatible with most automated SPE systems, including Gilson's ASPEC, Hamilton's MicroLab, Tecan U.
IonSense products including DART and ASAP technologies are distributed in Europe by KR Analytical Ltd, in China by ASPEC Technologies, in Japan by AMR Inc.
Middleton, WI, has a solid phase extraction system, the ASPEC XL, that automates most extraction protocols.
This solid-phase extraction is, however, performed in an automated fashion using a Gilson ASPEC Work Station, producing a net time savings compared with the Bio-Rad Laboratories anion-exchange column method.
ASPEC 2000, the first technology-to-business tradeshow and conference for the Application Service Provider (ASP) industry, today announced the addition of Hewlett Packard, IBM, Oracle, PeopleSoft and FirstWave as sponsors for the first-year event.