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ASPERAssistant Secretary for Personnel Administration
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Turning 60 was hard, but you have to keep on reinventing yourself or you'll become a bore, I think," Asper reflects.
Asper walked over, told the son - UO student Tom Diamond - that he could handle the situation because he'd been an Eagle Scout.
Asper Nation is exceptional in demonstrating that concern about CanWest Global's reach ought to go beyond the usual anxiety about media concentration.
Five years after that, Leon Asper bought a movie theatre in the Manitoba town of Minnedosa.
Defending his national editorials in a column published in the Toronto Star, David Asper ridiculed the "professional whiners" who were trying to set his family up as some kind of bogeyman.
3 Firm Also Submit Their Product Brand Or Name If Any, 4 All Others Terms And Condition Asper Irs Applicable.
We let Jenny Asper off for a bit to have maternity leave after delivering her first daughter "Sandy" in the U.
We are very enthusiastic about The Shawmark Group investment as well as the expansion of management capabilities that are offered by Shawmark," Asper said.
The Ducks began August with a fivesome that included three returning starters in left tackle Darrion Weems (a part-time starter last fall), left guard Carson York and right tackle Mark Asper, along with promising redshirt freshman center Hroniss Grasu and a perseverant walk-on senior right guard, Ramsen Golpashin.
On his return to Canada in 1997, he was appointed President and CEO of CanWest Global, a post he held until Leonard Asper took the helm of the Company.
If we were to tender to the bid, we would, like Electrohome, prefer that BCE offer a share option rather than only cash," stated Leonard Asper, President and Chief Executive Officer.