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ASPICApplication Service Provider Industry Consortium
ASPICAdvanced SCSI Programmable Interrupt Controller
ASPICArmed Services Personnel Interrogation Center
ASPICAssociation for Strategic Planning in Internal Communications
ASPICAide et Soutien pour la Préparation de l'Internat et des Certificats (French: Assistance and support for the preparation of boarding school certificates)
ASPICAuthor's Standard Prepress Interfacing Code
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To unmold aspics, dip molds up to rim in very hot tap water just until edges begin to liquefy, then invert one out onto each dinner plate.
The English love their aspic and jelly, while the Chinese have been eating grass jelly as a health food for ages.
Director William Wilkinson said: "This is no period piece preserved in aspic.
If English Heritage had its own way, it seems every scrap of bricks and mortar in the country that can raise a nostalgic pang would be preserved in aspic forever.
Howard is too bland to make you care about him, the town he travels to could've been sealed in aspic (almost no traffic, practically no characters aside from the cast), while there are all sorts of little mistakes and continuity errors, including one weird bit where his mum declares it's time to go to bed at about 4pm.
With over 550 members in 21 countries worldwide, ASPIC sponsors research, promotes best practices, and articulates measurable benefits of the ASP delivery model of computing.
The authors generally agree that each building must be considered on its merits, and there is an emphasis on managing change, not preserving in aspic.
The actual recipes detailed are Bratwurst Thuringian style, Bratwurst Munich style, Bratwurst Nuremberg style, French style bratwurst, Basic meat mix 1, Wieners/frankfurters, Knockwurst with herbs, Grillsausage, Jagdwurst with herbs, Pepperlyoner, Spiced cold cuts, All-beef bologna, All-beef jagdwurst, Meat loaf, Pizza loaf, Basic meat mix 2, Cabanossi, Alpine smoked sausage, Tyrolian ham sausage, Smoked polish sausage, Debrecziner, Spicy Hungarian sausage, German cold cut in aspic, Napoli cold cut in aspic, French pate, Ragouts/stir fry's, Greek specialities, Steaks and roasts, Preseasoned steaks and marinated grill cuts, and Kebab specialities.
Becoming national parks hasn't meant preserving them in aspic, untouched by human hand - on the contrary, it has helped underpin an amazing 12,000 jobs, generating income of pounds 177 million.
There's no sense in pickling our city centres in aspic or worrying about breaking the skyline and 'spoiling' a particular vista.
Coun Dawkins added: "It isn't to preserve Bournville in aspic and lock it in the past.
But we are not a city set in aspic, we do expect change.