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ASPIREAsia and South Pacific Initiative to Reduce Emissions (Federal Aviation Administration, Airservices Australia, Airways New Zealand)
ASPIREAstrophysics Science Project Integrating Research and Education
ASPIREAction on Secondary Prevention through Intervention to Reduce Events
ASPIREAmerica Saving for Personal Investment, Retirement, and Education (Act)
ASPIREAdult-Student Program to Inspire, Relate, and Enrich
ASPIREAssociation for the Scientific Paranormal Investigation and Research of Erie (Pennsylvania)
ASPIREAchieve Security by Purchasing Investment Real Estate
ASPIREAcute Stroke Prehospital Identification Registry & Education
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In the green deeps a shaft of gold Limns their elaborate attire; Through silken sleeves the winds aspire, Embalmed, to stray, and, growing bold, Swell them to their desire.
And, in fact, we ought unwearyingly to repeat to ourselves that at such and such a time and in such and such circumstances nature does not ask our leave; that we have got to take her as she is and not fashion her to suit our fancy, and if we really aspire to formulas and tables of rules, and well, even .
One day our doors will ope, With God come our desire; And if betrays that hope, To death we can aspire.
The mercenary captains are either capable men or they are not; if they are, you cannot trust them, because they always aspire to their own greatness, either by oppressing you, who are their master, or others contrary to your intentions; but if the captain is not skilful, you are ruined in the usual way.
That is to say, persuaded that I should never do any good with my life, and that I was inferior even to the sole of my own boot, I took it into my head that it was absurd for me to aspire at all-- rather, that I ought to account myself a disgrace and an abomination.
This match, to which you have the presumption to aspire, can never take place.
Sire, you have already done us more honor than simple gentlemen could ever aspire to, therefore gratitude is on our side.
He was mad so to aspire," observed the English officer.
Sometimes the Diggers aspire to nobler game, and succeed in entrapping the antelope, the fleetest animal of the prairies.
Henri be much safer and happier if taught to believe that in the quiet discharge of social duties consists her real vocation, than if stimulated to aspire after applause and publicity?
There is none, Miss Temple,” said Edwards quickly; “there is none who has a right to aspire to you, and I know that you will wait to be sought by your equal; or die, as you live, loved, respected, and admired by all who know you.
Your majesty is an exile, a fugitive, but you have right on your side; you ought to aspire to combats, dangers, business, and not to rest in heavens.