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ASPISAbandoned Site Program Information System (US EPA)
ASPISApplication Specific Processor and Instruction Set
ASPISAirborne Self-Protection Integrated Suite
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Environment, alimentation, hygiene et mode de vie dans la Grece Mesohelladique: le cas de l' Aspis d' Argos.
Short-term versus long-term effects of food intake on reproductive output in a viviparous snake, Vipera aspis.
The fall in new business risk insurance premiums, although apparently significant, reflect the bulk transfer in of business following the acquisition of the operations of Aspis Liv in the first half of 2010.
The statement came after Athens News Agency reported recently that Aspis Bank had announced that it was weighing the possibilities of a tie-up with Attica Bank.
INSURERS Aspis Holdings Public Co Ltd has assured the public there would be no impact in Cyprus from the closure of its affiliate by regulatory authorities in Greece.
latter has aspis structure in the pore area and has psilate or
ASPIS detects and identifies known or potential threats and then downlinks target imagery and other data to ground operators for rapid delivery into intelligence databases.
Management remarked that the Group's financial results for the full year of 2009 are expected to be substantially loss making as a result of the indirect negative effect that the Group's subsidiary Companies had as regards to Aspis Insurance Group.
The French Felin sight is cable-linked to the OVD monocular, the Italian Aspis sight sends its images via a Bluetooth 1.
INSURERS Aspis Holdings Public Co Ltd (ASP) yesterday assured the public that there would be no impact in Cyprus from the freezing of affiliatesCO assets by regulatory authorities in Greece.
This contract follows a $242 million 2003 award for Raytheon to produce 60 ASPIS II suites, representing a new, enhanced version of the original ASPIS system delivered in the late 1990s for the HAF Block 30/50 F-16.