ASPJAir & Space Power Journal (US Air Force; professional publication)
ASPJAirborne Self-Protection Jammer
ASPJAdvanced Self Protection Jammer
ASPJAmulet Second Pentacle Of Jupiter (Wicca)
ASPJAirborne/Advanced Self-Protection Jammer
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Advances in technology and the operational environment now enable us, the ASPJ staff, to cross the boundary into the uncharted landscape of the future.
Finally, the ASPJ staff takes this opportunity to inform you of the transformation of our online publication beginning in 2012.
The company is also responsible for the ALQ-172 jammer upgrade for the B-52 and the MC-130E/H, and (with Westinghouse) for the ALQ-165 ASPJ (Airborne Self-Protection Jammer) for the F-16C, F-14D, AV-8B and F/A-18.
Designed, developed and manufactured by the ITT Industries/Northrop Grumman Team, the ASPJ system provides tactical aircraft with electronic protection against modern radar guided weapons.
If you have not already attended an ASPJ workshop, this is an opportunity to greatly enhance your reporting on any beat that might include drug abuse, especially medicine/health, crime and the courts, social issues, education and sports.
We would like to know what you want to see in ASPJ and whether or not you have any concerns about navigating our website.
Instead, we must envision the Air Force of tomorrow and build toward that future in a manner that takes full advantage of the many technological and procedural advancements that began as "good ideas" in the pages of ASPJ and its predecessors.
Among those features are the ALQ-187's ability to be integrated with existing avionics and installed in locations initially created for the ASPJ.
The company has worked closely with the members of the Maryland Congressional delegation and their staffs to keep the ASPJ program alive.
Orders were received for microwave assemblies from Motorola's Cellular Infrastructure Group and for defense subsystems for foreign sales of the Airborne Self Protection Jammer (ASPJ) system from the ASPJ Joint Venture Team of ITT Avionics and Westinghouse.
Electronic Systems: As expected, revenues declined by approximately $146 million primarily due to the effect in 1993 of the cancellation of the ASPJ (Airborne Self-Protection Jammer) program.
This order is in addition to the 117 we're already producing for foreign ASPJ sales," said Larry Sala, Anaren's President/CEO.