ASPOAssociation for the Study of Peak Oil and Gas (Uppsala, Sweden)
ASPOAssociation for the Study of Peak Oil&Gas
ASPOAmerican Society of Pediatric Otolaryngology
ASPOAmerican Society of Preventive Oncology
ASPOArmy Space Program Office
ASPOAssociatie Sociaal Psychologische Onderzoekers (Netherlands)
ASPOAlgemeen Schade Preventie Overleg
ASPOAmplitude Spectra and POlarities (method)
ASPOAgreement State Project Officers
ASPOArmas y Soria, Proyectos y Obras (Spain)
ASPOAcquisition System Protection Office/Officer
ASPOAutomated Systems Program Office
ASPOAvionics Systems Project Officer
ASPOAerospace Program Office
ASPOAcquisition Sponsor Project Officer
ASPOAssociation Sportive de Paris Orleans (French sports club)
ASPOAmerican Society for Psychoprophylaxis in Obstetricsis (now called Lamaze International)
ASPOAlpha Sigma Phi Omega (international service fraternity; est. 1960)
ASPOArmy Special Programs Office (US Army)
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Charley Maxwell commented, "It is a great honor to receive this award from the ASPO.
We participated, along with other ASPO board members and representatives from LaLeche League, Positive Pregnancy Fitness and other groups, in an "Intensive Action Group.
The news conference kicks off the three day 2010 ASPO PEAK OIL CONFERENCE at the Hyatt Regency Washington on Capitol Hill, which will include speakers from across the political spectrum and scientists who have produced studies about Peak Oil.
While I was originally skeptical of this when ASPO announced it (see my editorial in the summer issue of SD), I am more encouraged that both organizations are doing it and applaud them on their implied recognition of the value of other training programs and of experience.
Under this contract, TASC will support ASPO's intelligence and surveillance R&D efforts, Quick Reaction Capability initiatives, and interactions with ASPO stakeholders at every level.
But this cannot possibly be the case with ASPO, which certainly must concede the validity of ICEA instructors, whether or not they would deign to recognize ours.
Datini, 1977 and 2002 (13 August 1395, and 22 and 23 May 1397); ASPO Datini, 1105: 133603 (Fattorino to Francesco, 14 October 1396).
Demographic characteristics of the respondents were compared with those of the entire ASPO membership to determine whether our sample was representative of the membership.
Based on the views expressed and documented at the ASPO conference, it is quite possible that we have already reached peak oil.
In the previously mentioned ASPO survey, most respondents reported that they treated occlusions by prescribing ear drops for home administration.
The contents of this article are solely the responsibility of the authors and do not necessarily represent the official views of the NIEHS, NIH, or ASPO.