ASPOAssociation for the Study of Peak Oil and Gas (Uppsala, Sweden)
ASPOAssociation for the Study of Peak Oil&Gas
ASPOAmerican Society of Pediatric Otolaryngology
ASPOAmerican Society of Preventive Oncology
ASPOArmy Space Program Office
ASPOAssociatie Sociaal Psychologische Onderzoekers (Netherlands)
ASPOAlgemeen Schade Preventie Overleg
ASPOAmplitude Spectra and POlarities (method)
ASPOAgreement State Project Officers
ASPOArmas y Soria, Proyectos y Obras (Spain)
ASPOAcquisition System Protection Office/Officer
ASPOAutomated Systems Program Office
ASPOAvionics Systems Project Officer
ASPOAerospace Program Office
ASPOAcquisition Sponsor Project Officer
ASPOAssociation Sportive de Paris Orleans (French sports club)
ASPOAmerican Society for Psychoprophylaxis in Obstetricsis (now called Lamaze International)
ASPOAlpha Sigma Phi Omega (international service fraternity; est. 1960)
ASPOArmy Special Programs Office (US Army)
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Demographic characteristics of the respondents were compared with those of the entire ASPO membership to determine whether our sample was representative of the membership.
el Informe 2008 de Colin Campbell en la ASPO (Association for the Study of Peak Oil and Gas).
Based on the views expressed and documented at the ASPO conference, it is quite possible that we have already reached peak oil.
2) Fifty-seven of Francesco Datini's account books and eight volumes of letters remain in ASPO Datini for the period in Avignon--from 1363 to the end of 1382, when the Datinis returned to Italy--allowing a detailed reconstruction of Francesco's early career.
However, ASPO doubts the figures provided by producer countries and estimates proven reserves to stand at 878 bn barrels.
Derkay is a past-president and currently serves as chair of the safety and quality committee of ASPO.
Iraq officially claims reserves of 112 billion barrels of crude oil, but ASPO (and other analysts) think that one-third of the reported reserves are fictitious "political barrels.
Although the ASPO members reached no consensus at the national level, Dohar and Bonilla nevertheless recommended that histopathologic evaluation be conducted routinely if only to detect rare, unsuspected malignancies.
I interface with cultural groups and help the members of ASPO learn about the diversity of our clients.
Contract award notice: Services of: reception and auxiliary activities to the camerals; Support to the switchboard and call center in environmental matters; Maintenance of ASPO green.
The workshop was intense, challenging, and incredibly appropriate considering the many changes going on at ASPO.
King Hubbert E3 Award: Excellence in Energy Education" at the 2007 ASPO World Oil Conference.