ASPVApple Stem Pitting Virus
ASPVAverage Slow Phase Velocity (otolaryngology)
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The assayed polyprobe contains a partial sequence of four virus species affecting apple and pear, ASGV, ACLSV, ASPV and ApMV.
400 nucleotides (nt) per each virus: ApMV, from nt 36 to 435, based on GenBank accession GQ131805; ACLSV, nt 66 to 466 (EF138602); ASGV, nt 42 to 441 (AF438409) and ASPV, nt 147 to 546 (AY572458).
The MAS declined to address such types of transactions in the SPRV regulations, but noted that transactions that are not structured as reinsurance may be open to structuring under the ASPV rules, and that the sponsoring insurer may still obtain regulatory relief.
SPRVs and ASPVs are also eligible to apply for tax incentives under the ASPV scheme.