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ASRAAMAdvanced Short-Range Air-to-Air Missile
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ASRAAM, which will also be fitted to the Royal Navy's Sea Harrier FA2s, is part of the new generation of highly-agile 'fire-and-forget' missiles, using infra red sensors to lock onto its target.
Already ASRAAM is the most capable missile of its type in the world.
The ASRAAM is a high-speed, high-agility, short-range IR-homing air-to-air missile being manufactured to arm RAF Tornado and Harrier attack fighter aircraft.
We are excited to play a continuing and critical role in support of the ASRAAM program," said Werner Hafelfinger, COO of Pacific Aerospace & Electronics.
The news comes as a UK test team has completed initial aircraft handling trials for ASRAAM and Paveway IV on the F-35B aircraft.
Firings of AIM-9L, ASRAAM, AMRAAM and IRIS-T missiles, separation of Laser Guided Bombs (Paveway II, GBU-16), hot and cold weather tests from -30 to plus 45 degrees Celsius, full night flying, air-to-air refueling, flights with external fuel tanks up to speeds of Mach 1.
Eurofighter Typhoon has now demonstrated its ability to carry the full range of air-to-air weapon systems proposed for use in its air defence role of AIM-9L, ASRAAM, IRIS-T and AMRAAM.
Nasdaq: PCTH), an international fully integrated manufacturing company specializing in technically demanding components and assemblies, announced today that the Company has recently received follow-on purchase agreements from Matra-BAe Dynamics for missile components for the RAF's ASRAAM, Advanced Short Range Air to Air Missile.
The Royal Air Force has already fired ASRAAM missiles and carried AMRAAM C-5 missiles.
SFM024 07/24/2000 10:00 r f bc-WA-Pac-Aero-ASRAAM (WENATCHEE) Pacific Aerospace & Electronics Announces ASRAAM Missile Orders
actuation system for the British Aerospace ASRAAM short range air-to-
British Aerospace envisions ASRAAM as the successor to the Sidewinder Missile, which is in service worldwide.