ASREAmsterdam School of Real Estate (Netherlands; est. 1989)
ASREAmerican Society of Refrigerating Engineers (now part of American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers)
ASREAverage Square Root Error
ASREAmerican Society of Reverse Engineers (computing)
ASREAmerican Safety Reinsurance Ltd. (various locations)
ASREAssurance Suisse contre les Risques à l'Exportation (French: Swiss Insurance against Export Risks; Switzerland)
ASREAuditing Standard on Review Engagements (Australia)
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Limited, ASRE 2410 requires that we comply with the ethical requirements
The decision criterion for this validation technique is: 1) when the value of ASRE is close to zero or less than 2 for a SLA then the synthetic household estimate is acceptable (i.
Results of ASRE analysis for overall households in housing stress confirm that for 1 205 SLAs out of 1 278 (94.
Best expects ASI to continue providing explicit support as needed in order to manage growth, which is part of its business plan as well as to ensure that the capitalization of ASRE and its related subsidiaries and affiliate are adequately reflected in the ratings.
As auditor of Oilex Ltd, ASRE 2410 requires that we
ASRE provides treaty excess of loss coverage for captives, risk retention groups or small- to mid-sized insurance carriers.
ASRE is a subsidiary of American Safety Insurance Holdings, Ltd.
Standard on Review Engagement ASRE 2410: Review of an Interim Financial Report
auditor of Elkedra Diamonds NL and its controlled entities, ASRE 2410 requires