ASRFAustralian Street Rod Federation (hot rod vehicles)
ASRFAdam Smith Research Foundation (University of Glasgow, UK)
ASRFAdvanced Size Reduction Facility
ASRFAutomation Sciences Research Facility
ASRFAircraft Survivability Research Facility
ASRFAmerican Society of Refrigerating Engineers (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers)
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They are the first six female professionals of the ATWS/ASRF selected for review as part of a larger book project because of their substantive research activities; early tenure and promotion; and holding key positions in the ASRF, ATWS and/or other major academic organizations.
Approximately 300 of the works of the six ASRF female scholars studied in this essay have been cited numerously by various authors.
She also is a member of many scholarly and other organizations and serves as the Treasurer of the ASRF.
Udogu Award by the ASRF for outstanding scholarship and humanitarianism, the Amistad Award for Academic Excellence in Historical Scholarship on Africa and the African Diaspora by the ASA at Central Connecticut State University, the Isese Distinguished Fellow Award of Honor, the Award of Excellence by the Federal Executive Council of Abeokuta in Nigeria, the Distinguished Nigerian Award, the President's Distinguished Leadership and Scholarship Award of the ASA, nomination for the Nigerian National Order of Merit, Fellow of the Nigerian Academy of Letters, Distinguished Alumnus Award, and the Ibn Khaldun Distinguished Research Excellence Award.