ASRFAustralian Street Rod Federation (hot rod vehicles)
ASRFAdam Smith Research Foundation (University of Glasgow, UK)
ASRFAdvanced Size Reduction Facility
ASRFAutomation Sciences Research Facility
ASRFAircraft Survivability Research Facility
ASRFAmerican Society of Refrigerating Engineers (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers)
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In addition to cash flow borrowing, under a referendum approved on the November 2014 ballot the county received authorization to borrow from the ASRF through 2017 to provide budgetary relief.
The major question probed in this paper is therefore quite straightforward: What types of metaphors are embedded in the tributes that have been paid to Mwalimu Isaacs by ASRF members since his passing?
This section entails a discussion of the metaphors employed by the ASRF writers (18) of the tributes to characterize Mwalimu Isaacs.
Based on my paper titled "Pan-Blackist Conceptualizations of the Black Power Paradigm: From Cheikh Anta Diop to Ali Al'amin Mazrui," after a careful analysis of the ASRF tributes examined for the present paper, I can safely place Mwalimu Isaacs in the atenu in Ancient Egyptian/Hieroglyphics or Mapinduzi in Kiswahili or Revolutionary in English school of thought, as opposed to the atenu m'ten in Ancient Egyptian/Hieroglyphics or Mapinduzi ya Malazi in Kiswahili or Revolutionary-Accommodationist in English, or the kheperu in Ancient Egyptian/Hieroglyphics or Kubadilisha in Kiswahili or Reformist in English school of thought.
Approximately 300 of the works of the six ASRF female scholars studied in this essay have been cited numerously by various authors.
She also is a member of many scholarly and other organizations and serves as the Treasurer of the ASRF.
She also is a member of many scholarly organizations, including the ASRF and the ATWS.