ASRGAnti-Spam Research Group (IETF)
ASRGAdvanced Stirling Radioisotope Generator (US NASA)
ASRGAtmospheric Science Research Group (Science and Technology Research Institute; University of Hertfordshire; UK)
ASRGAssociation de soutien aux rescapés du génocide
ASRGARC Standard Raster Graphics
ASRGAnger Self-Report General (psychology)
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The first major project connected with the ASRG is the New South Wales Archaeology Online sustainable digital archive developed in partnership with University of Sydney Library and funded by a NSW government heritage grant (NSW AOL 2012; Gibbs and Colley, in preparation).
Rather than trying to develop a single unified regional research programme, the ASRG aimed to identify areas of common interest and think about ways that researchers and students, including many people not involved with ASRG, could federate their research interests.
The active part of the ASRG convict project has been a combination of targeted undergraduate and 4th year Honours projects, working in a two-tier approach to address gaps in the basic knowledge of the system and its evolution, as well as more sophisticated higher-level analysis and syntheses.