ASRHAdolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health
ASRHAge, Sex, Race and Hispanic Origin (population measurement; US Census Bureau)
ASRHAssociation Suisse pour la Recherche Horlogère (French: Swiss Association for Horological Research)
ASRHAllied Services Rehabilitation Hospital (Scranton, PA)
ASRHAssociation of Search & Rescue Hovercraft (UK)
ASRHArmed Services Retirement Home (Gulfport, MS and Washington, DC)
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However, some studies have revealed that teachers also resist ASRH services.
These present major challenges to the use of parents as educators of ASRH.
There is no doubt that health care providers are in position to influence ASRH services and information.
There is the need to create enabling environments at various levels which will make it possible for ASRH information and services to be provided.
As an international child rights organization, Plan International believes that the rights and needs of adolescent girls and boys, including their right to access ASRH services, must be ensured.
We are implementing ASRH interventions in Southern Leyte and Eastern Samar, where cases of teenage pregnancy are increasing.
When adolescents choose to have sex, they have a right to access not just information but also inclusive ASRH services.
Research leading to new knowledge in ASRH is fully justified by the discrepancy between the sexuality and youth policies that emerged the 1990s in the Americas in conjunction with the states' agreements to comply with the mandates of the Cairo and Beijing conferences (7,8), the poorly developed academic programs in the AM and PAG fields and the emergence of new contexts arising from health and education system reforms in the same decade.
This manner of interpreting ASRH leads to medical action that is limited to signs, symptoms, drug therapies and practices for hygiene and curing and preventing disease and deviances without paying sufficient attention to other equally determinant human and social dimensions of ASRH (14,19-23).
Undoubtedly, scientific advances from such epidemiological studies allow the standardization of a monitoring system for comparing studies from different contexts, reinforcing the practice of establishing the patterns, rate trends, and behaviors that reflect the risks and the occurrence rate of ASRH issues; determining the diagnostic values to these patterns, trends and behaviors; and using them to understand the magnitude, probability of occurrence and some of the causes of ASRH issuesUO.
Fitch's outlook is stable due to the lack of competition ASRH faces in its service area, and to its recent financial stability.
There is not a separate audit committee, and ASRH does not have a policy to rotate auditors.