ASRISAustralian Soil Resources Information System (Canberra, Australia)
ASRISAlberta Sport and Recreation Injury Survey (Canadian Journal of Public Health)
ASRISAl-Aqsa Society for the Reconstruction of Islamic Shrines
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As a data repository, ASRIS has the benefit of being administered by CSIRO, which unlike most State agencies, does not have a regulatory function; hence, there may be greater community acceptance of direct lodgement of data into ASRIS, rather than via State databases.
If soil science (in particular soil carbon work) is to proceed across Australia in a manner that will achieve maximum value for investment and future use of data, researchers must ensure that minimum site description standards are met, sites are accurately located, and that data are lodged in State agency systems and/or ASRIS.
McKenzie N J, Jacquier DW, Maschmedt DJ, Griffin EA, Brough DM (2005) ASRIS (Australian Soil Resource Information System) technical specifications Version 1.
It is hoped that the recently released NGSA soil field pH dataset can be integrated into the ASRIS compilation to assist in providing a better and more widespread knowledge on this fundamental soil property across the country.
Finally, while the ASRIS dataset covers approximately 4.
The present, freely downloadable dataset and maps show a close correspondence to the ASRIS national soil data compilation, both at the first-order level and to some degree of detail.
ASRIS is a collation of the best available information that is needed to produce, for Australia's agricultural zone (1):
A new conversion was developed for ASRIS (Henderson and Bui 2002).
After removal of points that lie outside the ASRIS extent, have no or inconsistent horizon designation or some other inconsistency, the total number of points with measurements for pH of the topsoil is 25915 (Henderson et al.
2000) are, however, difficult to apply because dates are not available for all projects and more importantly because it could not be ascertained whether correction factors had already been applied to parts of the ASRIS data.
Scale of soil mapping used in ASRIS for polygon-based models.
Thanks to Drs Elisabeth Bui and Neil McKenzie for useful discussions about K-factor estimation using ASRIS soil attributes.