ASRNAmerican Society of Registered Nurses (Sausalito, CA; est. 2003)
ASRNAntenna Structure Registration Number (US FCC)
ASRNAdolescent Services Resource Network
ASRNAll Sports Radio Network
ASRNAgency Service Request Number
ASRNAustralian Studies Regional Network
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2a) in ASRN, yet there was no difference in CSS (p = 0.
In this observational study in patients treated primarily with either ASRN or NASRN, with a 13-year follow-up, ASRN was associated with better survival than NASRN among patients with non-metastatic clear cell RCC.
14) This may be a possible explanation of OS benefit in ASRN in our study.
Therefore, along with current evidence regarding survival benefits, ASRN should be performed unless contra-indicated.