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ASROCAntisubmarine Rocket
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These are a hull-mounted, very-low-frequency sonar (active/passive) as the primary sensor, ASROC (launched vertically in the Mark 41 VLS), two sets of triple torpedo tubes, and countermeasure systems.
Armament: Standard missile; Harpoon; Vertical Launch ASROC (VLA) missiles; Tomahawk; Six MK-46 torpedoes (from two triple tube mounts); One 5-inch/54 caliber MK-45 lightweight gun; Two 20mm Phalanx CIWS.
Navy's Anti-submarine Rocket (ASROC) and Vertical Launch ASROC (VLA) torpedo launch systems have been certified to carry and launch the Mk 46 Mod 5 torpedo.
However, the ASROC (antisubmarine rocket) system, which was one of the centerpieces of the FRAM modernization of these still-capable World War II-era destroyers that were retained in U.
cruiser or destroyer has two Mk-41 vertical missile launchers with 90-122 compartments for storing Tomahawk cruise missiles, a family of surface-to-air Standard missiles or RUR-5 ASROC anti-submarine rockets" and "the U.
In 1966, they were converted to carry the American ASROC missile system, a 2.