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ASSESSA System for Selecting Suitable Sites (software; Australia)
ASSESSAdiabatic Slice-Selective Excitation for Surface Coils
ASSESSAdjustment Scales for Sociometric Evaluation of Secondary-School Students (psychology)
ASSESSAnalyzing Scaffolding Software in Educational Settings in Science (US NSF)
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Once the partnership adjustments are final, the IRS has one year to assess any additional tax liability against the partners; see Sec.
The Public Company Accounting Oversight Board says public companies must assess the design and operating effectiveness of company-level controls in addition to examining detailed control activities at the process and transactional levels.
These assess the patient's perception of what is heard but fail to evaluate the impact of that change on the patient's life.
A substantial body of literature exists that seeks to assess the quality of online health information.
Many auditors feel that it is easier to assess risk across the board at maximum and perform substantive tests.
In addition, it has been used as a screening process to assess the viability of brownfields-redevelopment projects.
Also, an APML can use the DSBM to assess additional I-level repair capability and/or changes to I-level turn around time to take advantage of a particular regional repair capability existing within the proximity of potential FMS customers.
In order to assess the impact of time schedule disruption, it was recommended that each family member account for how they spend their week.
The first twelve questions do not require the use of a computer; rather, they assess basic research techniques.
Under IRC section 6501, the IRS has three years from the filing of a return to assess any additional tax liability, and the method of assessment is dictated by IRC section 6203.
1) Assess how features of the research and research setting affect evaluations of risks versus potential benefits of different types of research for investigators, institutional review board (IRB) members, and potential participants, groups, and communities.