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ASSETSA Service for Self-Employment, Training, and Support
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What however went first of all or rather vanished was nothing in the nature of an asset.
He was a good actor, and he had found geniality a most valuable asset in the game of getting on in the world.
That the Huron is a liar, is very evident," returned Heyward, coolly; "you have yourself heard him asset you to be La Longue Carabine.
It may be either an invaluable asset or a nuisance.
When the child attained age 14 or more, the assets were typically sold or redeemed, because the tax no longer applied.
Reverse logistics companies that demonstrate expertise in the area of IT asset disposition will find an enormous opportunity for growth in the next five years as they help clients mitigate the privacy risks associated with the transportation of high-tech assets.
Prenuptial agreements remain the most effective tool in protecting one's assets, and the Paul McCartney-Heather Mills divorce will accentuate that point.
INTANGIBLE ASSETS OF ALL KINDS, INCLUDING PATENTS, brand names, in-process research and the like, have become increasingly important to the economic value of a business.
Let's now turn our attention to the role of managing assets in the income stream.
We recognize the strategic importance of enterprise knowledge assets and are committed to fostering and facilitating the creation of a KS environment.
Simply put, an intangible asset (also known as intellectual assets, intellectual capital, intellectual property or knowledge capital) is an asset that is not physical in nature.
Purchased assets will first be valued for financial purposes.