ASTACArctic Slope Telephone Association Cooperative (Anchorage, AK)
ASTACAnimal Services Training and Consultation
ASTACAero-Space Technology Advisory Committee (US NASA)
ASTACAnti-Submarine/Anti-Surface Warfare Tactical Air Controller (Navy classification for Air controller)
ASTACAntisubmarine Warfare Tactical Support Center
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A map and additional information was provided, underscoring the stark realities ASTAC confronts in providing communications services.
Due to the difficult conditions under which the equipment would be installed, the ASTAC team established a tight schedule to complete the effort.
ASTAC has a service area in excess of 92,000 square miles, with no interconnecting road system, forcing it to operate in often-uncertain Alaska flying weather.
The company is a partnership between ASTAC and OTZ, two of the major telephone cooperatives in the state committed to delivering quality, universal cellular service at affordable prices.
With the Vanu solution we have realized our goals," stated David Fauske, General Manager of ASTAC.
We decided to get direction from the ASTAC to position us two miles from the stern, on top of the wake, on BRC.
As we were on final, the ASTAC came over HAWK link and told us to hold our position.
The HAC kept talking to the ASTAC, providing him with our location and intentions.
I heard the ASTAC relay to the pilots they needed to turn to a heading of 235 degrees immediately after takeoff.
The ASTAC said landing on mother would be a problem because mom had started the RAS exercise early and currently was alongside.
A courtesy nod of agreement from the TAO, followed by a last-minute update to the ASTAC, and we walked aft from CIC to the hangar.
Our ASTAC dutifully passed along the observed climate data and our ship's current position.