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ASTCAll, Sine, Tangent, Cosine (in an X-Y graph)
ASTCAdaptive Scalable Texture Compression (algorithm)
ASTCActive Stability and Traction Control
ASTCAlice Springs Town Council (Australia)
ASTCAmerican Society of Trial Consultants (Timonium, MD)
ASTCAll-Speed Traction Control (vehicles)
ASTCAdvanced Storage Technology Consortium
ASTCAssociation of Science and Technology Centers
ASTCAssam State Transport Corporation
ASTCASX Settlement and Transfer Corporation Pty Ltd
ASTCAll Students Take Calculus (mnemonic for All, Sine, Tangent, Cosine in an X-Y graph)
ASTCArkansas State Teachers College
ASTCAviation Survival Training Center
ASTCAmerican Society of Theatre Consultants
ASTCAutomatic Stability and Traction Control (automotive)
ASTCAssociated Sales Tax Consultants, Inc.
ASTCAssociation Science-Technology Centers
ASTCAustralian Semiconductor Technology Company
ASTCAdvanced Simulation Technology Center
ASTCAustralian Scientific and Technical Communicators
ASTCArmy Software Transition Committee
ASTCAdvanced Satellite Test Center
ASTCAleid Smid Television Company (Netherlands)
ASTCAl-Qaida and Taliban Sanctions Committee
ASTCAllied Signal Technical Services Corporation
ASTCAmerican Speaking Telegraph Company (first competitive telephone company)
ASTCAdaptive Space-Time Coding
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ASTC adds a very helpful degree of specificity to our understanding of how this perceptual phenomenon occurs.
At ASTC, army spouses, wards and widows are provided with the opportunity to undergo skill courses.
ASTC also deploys the latest Quantum X system, also from HBM, for other smaller, more flexible applications.
Os dados de ASTC, producao acumulada e eficiencia produtiva acumulada foram analisados em esquema fatorial simples 7 x 2, considerando os fatores porta-enxerto e cv.
As road and vehicle conditions change, the ASTC manages the forces on all wheels by precisely controlling engine torque and braking force going to each one, providing improved control, traceability and traction in all driving conditions.
ASTC and Alan Fortich pled guilty to Enterprise Corruption, while Alvaro Fortich pled guilty to Offering a False Instrument for Filing; each co-defendant pied guilty to Falsifying Business Records.
According to the defendants' guilty pleas, ASTC was hired by contractors, engineers, architects, and others to perform tests and inspections relating to the strength and quality of concrete, as mandated by the New York City Building Code.
com/multimedia/643-astc-texture-compression-arm-pushes-the-envelope-in-graphics-technology/) ASTC (adaptive scalable texture compression) which ARM says "significantly optimises GPU performance and increases battery life in devices, enabling an always-on, always-connected experience.
This year's jury panel consisted of Norman Pfeiffer, FAIA, principal of the architecture firm Pfeiffer Partners; Joshua Dachs, ASTC, principal with the theatre planning and design firm Fisher Dachs Associates; and Yasuhisa Toyota, president of the U.
Leslie Kindling, ASTC Jacksonville Director and Aerospace/Operational Physiologist.
Founded in 1973, ASTC has now more than 540 members in 40 countries.
The line-up starts with the pounds 19,450 Equippe, which comes with twin front airbags, air conditioning, keyless entry, sixspeaker CD/MP3 player, ASTC Active Stability and Traction Control, electric windows and mirrors and rear spoiler.