ASTECAustralian Science and Technology Council
ASTECAnalysis of the Scientific and Technical Evaluation (European Union)
ASTECAdvanced Software Technologies (Zielona Góra, Poland)
ASTECAdvanced Satellite Technology and EHF Communications
ASTECAccident Source Term Evaluation Code (nuclear reactor accident assessment)
ASTECApplied Software Technology
ASTECAspergillus Technology Consortium
ASTECAdvanced Solar Turbo Electric Conversion
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ASTEC will become part of SunGard's securities finance operations, within the company's capital markets and investment banking business.
Brian Traquair, president of SunGard's capital markets and investment banking business, commented: "We are pleased to have ASTEC become part of SunGard's expanding securities finance business.
ASTEC is a research company specializing in bringing clarity to an opaque markets.