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ASTEROIDA Study to Evaluate the Effect of Rosuvastatin On Intravascular Ultrasound-Derived Coronary Atheroma Burden
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It was found that to destroy a 200-meter asteroid, as much energy as produced by 3 megatons of TNT would be needed, which could be achieved using most nuclear warheads in existence today.
The asteroid is 40-miles wide - roughly twice that of the one that struck Chelyabinsk in Russia - and would have serious consequences if it hit.
Washington:) An intermediate-sized asteroid, categorised as a "potentially hazardous asteroid", will make a close approach to earth on February 4, said Nasa.
Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) was part of an international team that recently discovered a relatively unpopulated region of the main asteroid belt, where the few asteroids present are likely pristine relics from early in solar system history.
By partnering with the European Space Agency (ESA), NASA is aiming to simulate the mission by trying to move a 'non-threatening' asteroid.
Meteorites can be dust particles or fragments from a comet or an asteroid.
Mr Rumpf said his findings, which he plans to present at the 2017 International Academy of Astronautics Planetary Defense Conference in Tokyo, Japan, next month, could help hazard mitigation groups better prepare for asteroid threats because it details which impact effects are most dominant, which are less severe and where resources should be allocated.
Even though the asteroid belt contains more than a billion asteroids measuring over a mile long, the belt is not as crowded a region as you might think.
John Lewis has written an incredibly informative book on the scientific, logistical, and business-related aspects of asteroid mining.
The Pixies help fulfill AIM mission objectives by providing detailed information from across the Didymoon surface before, during and after the DART impact that would be simply impossible to obtain by a few spot visits by larger spacecraft," said Asteroid Initiatives CEO and founder Marshall Eubanks.
The Asteroid Data Hunter challenge has been successful beyond our hopes, creating something that makes a tangible difference to asteroid hunting astronomers and highlights the possibility for more people to play a role in protecting our planet," said Jason Kessler, program executive for NASA's Asteroid Grand Challenge.
Hayabusa 2 is the successor to the first Hayabusa mission, which is so far the only mission to bring samples of an asteroid back to Earth.