ASTFArab Science and Technology Foundation (United Arab Emirates)
ASTFA Suit That Fits (London, UK tailors)
ASTFAeropropulsion Systems Test Facility
ASTFAir Service Task Force (various airports)
ASTFAerospace Structures Test Facility
ASTFAustralian Standard Transfer Form
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ASTF was founded in 2000 upon recommendations raised from 375 scientists from inside and outside the Arab world and as an initiative encouraged by Sheikh Dr.
Based in Sharjah sheikhdom, the UAE, the ASTF has branches in Arab and
ASTF has an online/interactive guide for prospective businesses to track their eligibility for certain grant and loan programs.
Many of the greatest innovators and global entrepreneurs of our time have been successful because of their long-term investments in science and technology," ASTF president Abdalla Alnajjar said.
ASTF strongly supports such activities which lead eventually to providing upgraded products or services, and helping in easing out the bottleneck of future job opportunities,' said Dr.
Before that, Kalaldeh was the "Investing In Technology" Program Manager at the Arab Science and Technology Foundation (ASTF) and was responsible for initiating and managing ASTF programs aimed at developing Technology Entrepreneurship in MENA region.
During the second ASTF last December two Egyptian entrepreneurs were chosen as the final winners for providing best Arab Technology Business plans.
During a recent ASTF board meeting, the board voted to co-invest $20,000 to be matched by $32,200 to Don Carling to continue his potato chip viability project, which aims to prove that certain varieties of Alaska potatoes can be made into high quality chips.
Abdullah Abdul Aziz Al Najjar, President of ASTF, said: "We thank His Highness Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed for his kind gesture.
7 million cash and in-kind donations, to provide materials for Internet connections in 7,960 Alaska classrooms, according to Jim Palin, ASTF grant administrator.
According to the foundation's 1998 annual report, 84 percent of the state's entrepreneurs say their projects wouldn't have made it off the ground without the help of ASTF, and more than a third say they wouldn't be in their business at all if not for ASTF.