ASTHOAssociation of State and Territorial Health Officials
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Data gleaned from the focus groups are still being analyzed, said Michael Dickey, MPH, CHES, director of public health services for ASTHO, but some common themes have emerged.
As a long-term technology partner of ASTHO, ATS has helped the association plan and implement a number of IT projects, including network support, website development, cloud services, email security, and mobility solutions.
The Profile of State Public Health is an important resource for anyone who wants to understand how the health system works in this country and the vital role that state health agencies play in protecting and supporting the health of the population," says ASTHO Executive Director Paul E.
In late 2007, ASTHO convened the Mosquito Control Collaborative (MCC), a multi-disciplinary team of 26 experts from public health, emergency management, and mosquito control backgrounds.
We have been waiting for these rules for several years, and we are very pleased to see the process moving forward," says ASTHO Executive Director Paul E.
One of the initiatives working to turn the tide on opioid abuse is ASTHO's President's Challenge, which is working to reduce unintended overdose deaths and nonmedical use of controlled prescription drugs by 15 percent by the end of 2015, said Terry Cline, PhD, immediate past president of the ASTHO Board of Directors.
The authors thank NACCHO and ASTHO for providing access to the data.
Professional Organizations: Adjunct professor of health administration, University of Arkansas at Little Rock; Women Executives in State Government, board of directors; Association of State and Territorial Health Officers, executive board; Department of Health and Human Services, Food and Drug Administration, officer; ASTHO Primary Care Work Group chairwoman; American and Arkansas Medical Associations; American Academy of Family Physicians; Arkansas Academy of Family Physicians, board of directors; Pulaski County Medical Society; State Board of Health, secretary.
ASTHO (1985) estimates that MCH programs provide substantial services, especially prenatal care, to low-income women and their children.
ASTHO Bilingual Health Initiatives: Report and Recommendations.
For example, NACCHO is developing and circulating educational materials about EPHT to their constituency; ASTHO is serving as a conduit of information among CDC, state grantees, Centers of Excellence, and the unfunded states; and PSR is collaborating with NACCHO to increase the knowledge base and technical skills of physicians with regard to EPHT.
A planning checklist for widespread severe acute respiratory syndrome, modeled on an Association of State and Territorial Health Officials (ASTHO) pandemic influenza planning checklist, was developed jointly by ASTHO, the National Association of County and City Health Officials, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.