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ASTORAirborne Standoff RADAR
ASTORAutomatyka Sterowanie Transmisja Oprogramowanie Robotyka (Polish: Automatic Control of Broadcast Robotics Software)
ASTORAnti-Submarine Torpedo, Rocket Assisted
ASTORApplication of Safeguards to Geological Repositories (IAEA expert group)
ASTORAircraft Simulation for Traffic Operations Research (US NASA)
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Astor, who played in punk bands in his teens and 20s, said he struggled to find the proper machinery to press records.
Viscount Astor said in 2015 that he might have to put on a "Rob Roy-style Scottish accent" to stop the Scottish National Party launching a "Mugabe-style" raid on his family's estate in Scotland.
At this time, the Friends of the Astor Association (FOTAA) kicked off a public campaign calling on St Michael's to sell the building and relinquish its plans.
The future Brooke Astor was the daughter of a Marine Corps commandant and just 17 when she married Kuser in 1919.
The five-player GB&I team for The Astor Trophy is: Hayley Davis (Ferndown), Connie Jaffrey (The Ladies' Club, Troon), Bronte Law (Bramhall), Charlotte Thomas (Singapore), Chloe Williams (Wrexham).
Virtually every person involved, starting with Astor himself, grossly underestimated the psychological toll both journey and settlement would take on men and leaders alike" Stark writes.
Stark effortlessly strikes the balance between exploring the minutiae of John Jacob Astor's quest for global trade domination and the vastness of the country and the seas that conspire against the adventurers sent to claim the territory for the glory of Astor and a growing America.
Via South Africa, Mauritius, St Helena, Cape Verde & Canaries Sailing on board MS Astor from Tilbury - Departs 1 April 2014 Enjoy a taste of stylish ocean travel in the finest traditions, as you join one of a series of extraordinary value, epic passages aboard beautifully appointed MS Astor.
In this dark world, we find the attractive copper-haired well-offmusically talented 17-year old Astor Vance delivered by her mother and military hero stepfather to the mansion of the wealthy industrialist Swale brothers, (to be the bride of Lorrain, the youngest brother
HUDDERSFIELD Rifle Club marksmen are heading for Bisley after claiming their third consecutive win in the Yorkshire heat of the Astor County Championship.
One of the leading characters caught up in the scandal was Bronwen Astor, the daughter of a Welsh judge, who in 1960, aged 30, became the third wife of Viscount Astor, the son of Nancy Astor whose family pile was Cliveden, near Maidenhead.
Son of the late New York City socialite, Brooke Astor, is facing prison time.