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ASTORAirborne Standoff RADAR
ASTORAutomatyka Sterowanie Transmisja Oprogramowanie Robotyka (Polish: Automatic Control of Broadcast Robotics Software)
ASTORAnti-Submarine Torpedo, Rocket Assisted
ASTORApplication of Safeguards to Geological Repositories (IAEA expert group)
ASTORAircraft Simulation for Traffic Operations Research (US NASA)
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Viscount Astor, who married Samantha's mum in 1976, states in his parliamentary register of interests he is paid as a "partner" at "Tarbert Estate Partnership" on Jura island.
Peter Sterkenburg, Head of Sales & Marketing at Damen Shiprepair & Conversion, said of the project: The work on the Astor was not without its challenges the sheer diversity of the tasks we performed ensured that
The GB and I teamof five will take on the top amateur players from Australia, Canada, New Zealand and South Africa at the Grange, Adelaide, from January 12 to 16, 2015 for the coveted Astor Trophy, formerly the Commonwealth Tournament.
Astor Capital is the investment arm of The Astor Group.
Astor carefully made his plans and in 1810 dispatched two teams to install his trading emporium on the West Coast (it would be located at the mouth of the Columbia River, in present-day Oregon).
Stark effortlessly strikes the balance between exploring the minutiae of John Jacob Astor's quest for global trade domination and the vastness of the country and the seas that conspire against the adventurers sent to claim the territory for the glory of Astor and a growing America.
One of Vanessa's most wonderful memories comes from the night when Cliff invited her to walk on the Astor decks with him.
The competition was founded in 1904 by Viscount Astor.
Decades before Lord Leveson was asked the examine the excesses of the Fourth Estate, the News of the World paid Keeler to say that Astor and Profumo chased her naked around the swimming pool at Cliveden, that Bronwen Astor had arrived wearing a tiara and that Ward's group had been invited to the main house.
Astor was best known for his philanthropy work and died in 2007 at the age of 105.
Omani news agency said that during the meeting, Al-Rasbi and Lord Astor, also Spokesman for Defence at the House of Lords, exchanged views over a number of issues of common concern were discussed.
Ms Whitford said they were looking forward to the visit by Lord Astor and their honorary patron Heather Harper.