ASTOVLAdvanced Short Take-Off & Vertical Landing Aircraft
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7 million contract for Phase II of the ASTOVL program, which has been merged at congressional direction with the JAST program.
McDonnell Douglas received the Phase II ASTOVL contract earlier this year.
ASTOVL requirements include short takeoff and vertical landing performance, low-observable features, and supersonic flight without using engine afterburning as well as significant survivability and supportability benefits.
Our proposal to ARPA reflects five years of work in flight controls, materials, propulsion, aerodynamics and low-cost manufacturing technologies," said Dick Martens, ASTOVL program manager for McDonnell Douglas.
After successful completion of this phase of the ASTOVL project, ARPA plans to select one contractor to build two flying demonstrators from a single design powered by either a gas- or shaft-coupled propulsion system.
We believe our team is a natural to develop the next generation ASTOVL multirole tactical fighter, building upon our extensive fighter/attack background and carrier suitability experience to the ASTOVL program.
The McDonnell Douglas team brings extensive fighter/attack and carrier suitability experience to the ASTOVL program," said Jim Sinnett, vice president and general manager of McDonnell Douglas Aerospace's New Aircraft and Missile Products Division.
That experience, coupled with expertise in low-cost prototyping and manufacturing developed in McDonnell Douglas' Phantom Works, makes us confident the McDonnell Douglas ASTOVL team can deliver a highly successful demonstrator," he said.