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ASTREAAerial Support to Regional Enforcement Agencies (San Deigo, CA)
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After two largely interior films peopled with mature characters, Rohmer returned in his last film, The Romance of Astrea and Celadon, to his long-favored world of lithesome youths and sun-flooded landscapes, and to the narrative template of his earliest cycle, the "Six Moral Tales," in which a man who is betrothed, married, or otherwise committed finds himself tempted by another woman, usually more alluring or dangerous (and darker) than the first.
An oversized Afro which doubled as a comedic storage closet was the signature hallmark of Louis Dunbar's animated Super Globetrotters character; Peter Jones in the Hardy Boys series, Valerie from the Josie and the Pussy Cats series, and Astrea of the Space Sentinels series sported small Afros, as did all the Jacksons who wore slightly larger Afros in the Jackson 5ive animated series.
The purpose of the project is to completely overhaul the national criminal record application a new application called Astrea for "Application of storage, processing and retrieval of criminal records.
In chapter 2, "Literary Responses," Salsini examines three epistolary novels that are partially literary criticism and partially personal narrative: Sibilla Aleramo's Amo dunque sono (1927), Benedetta Cappa Marinetti's Astrea e il sottomarino: Vita trasognata (1935), and Gianna Manzini's Lettera all'editore (1945).
Lycidas, in Les Amours d' Astree et de Celadon (The Romance of Astrea and Celadon, 2007)
Juicio de amparo y action de inconstitucionalidad, Buenos Aires: Astrea Publishing House.
38) It might also include two endings, with the second, in which Peace surrenders to Elizabeth as Astrea, prepared for performance at court.
In addition to Dinah Shore Weekend, PlanetOut has sponsored the LA Gay and Lesbian Center's Women's Night, the LAVA awards, the NCLR and Astrea Foundation dinners, the Monterey Weekend, and many others.
The purpose of the project is to completely overhaul the application of national criminal record a new application called Astrea for "Application for storing, processing and retrieving criminal records.
cracherodii prior to canning, but found that this did not improve their texture, although a similar treatment had improved the texture of the whelk Astrea undosa (Sanchez-Brambila et al.
16) Di seguito, nella versione politica di Virgilio e Arato era spuntata Astrea, la divinita della giustizia: una vergine, che i letterati medioevali (Dartre in testa) avevano agevolmente sovrapposto al culto della Madonna.
the on-the-road price of Honda Astrea Supra in Jakarta in July 1999 was Rp 9.