ASTREXAdvanced Space Structures Technology Research Experiment
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KBC Bank Ireland has announced that it has inked an agreement with Acquirer Systems for a license of its flagship product, ASTREX.
Their flagship product ASTREX enables end to end real-time simulation of the payment infrastructure and gives customers a testing platform that grows with their business, providing efficient on-going testing support, and eliminating the need for the traditional and costly script-based approach to testing.
List of Tables Table 1: Top-10 Outsourcing Advisors, 2012 Table 2: Banks and Card Outsourcing Table 3: Responsibility Failures and Consequences Table 4: Needs and Objectives Examples Table 5: Vendor Pricing Mechanism Table 6: Best Practice in Defining Measurements and Review Period Table 7: Technology Outsourcing in Card Business Table 8: ASTREX Simulation Platform Table 9: Card Fraud in Developed Economies (US$ Million), 2008-2012 Table 10: Card Fraud in Developing Economies (US$ Million), 2008-2012 Table 11: Card Operation Outsourcing Examples Table 12: Sales and Marketing and Loyalty Program Examples