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ASTROAmerican Society for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology
ASTROAlways Stating the Really Obvious
ASTROAssociation of Summer Theatres 'Round Ontario
ASTROAdvanced Scientific and Theoretic Research Organisation (New Zealand)
ASTROAstrophysics Space Observatory
ASTROAir Support to Regular Operations (LAPD)
ASTROAerospace Systems Technology and Rocket Operations (Cornell University)
ASTROArmy Space Technology Research Office
ASTROAutomated Structural Optimization System
ASTROAleph STrip Read-Out Scanner
ASTROAll-Asian Satellite Television and Radio Co.
ASTROAutonomous Space Transfer & Robotic Orbiter
ASTROAllinger Stern Rosler (bridge game)
ASTROAutomated Scheduling Tools for Range Operations
ASTROASW Test Requirements Outline
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In a multiracial country of more than 23 million people, about 60% of Astro viewers are affluent ethnic Chinese, with Malays and ethnic Indians tied.
Stecher notes that thousands of hot stars in nearby galaxies such as Andromeda and the Large and Small Magellanic Clouds also made their ultraviolet debut on film from the Astro camera.
Incorporating best-in-class technologies, the newly launched Astro B.
While Astro execs were tightlipped about the numbers, industry sources say signups have rocketed with close to 60,000 in line for the system.
However, Davidsen notes, results may not be definitive because scheduling delays aboard Astro prevented his team from observing the faint target for the full 2.
Last month, the tally hit 65,000 and Paul Edwards, chief operating officer of Measat Broadcast Network Systems, which owns Astro, forecasts 100,000 by the end of this year.
The shuttle Columbia lifted off with Astro in its cargo bay early on the morning of Dec.
The first Astro flight will also carry an X-ray telescope originally planned for a mission called the Shuttle High-Energy Astrophysics Laboratory, which fell victim to a launch shortage created by the 1986 loss of the shuttle Challenger.