ASUOAugusta State University Orientation (Augusta, GA)
ASUOAssociated Students of the University of Oregon
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If you have one person that gets safely home at night, then I feel really good about that," said Mills, adding ASUO will take a closer look at the price of the contract in the future.
With the unanimous support of the ASUO Senate and various other student leaders, I call on Kitzhaber and the Oregon Legislature to add an undergraduate student to the governing board.
She is a recent graduate of the University of Oregon, where she served as an executive member of the UO's American Marketing Association and a controller for the ASUO.
The ASUO worked with the journalism school and Office of the Dean of Students to raise $8,000 for Thursday's event.
As an ASUO senator and candidate for president, my job is to advocate for students and make sure we continue to focus on the affordability of students' lives.
In a letter to The Daily Emerald student newspaper, student government vice president Nick McCain said that while the ASUO admires the bands' dedication and passion, "from a fiscal standpoint, the fact the ASUO funds $150,000 for an entity answering to the athletic department is a big concern.
From here on out, every action that ASUO President Hinman and the university administration make will be painstakingly observed and scrutinized.
As in years past, the festival is timed to dovetail with the ASUO Spring Street Faire - which began Wednesday and runs through Saturday.
Peggy Kelsey of Austin, Texas, created the photo exhibit to portray the strength, humor and resiliency of Afghan women; sponsored by Oregon WAND and ASUO Women's Center.